SQL Server Locking – 31/03/2011

We are happy to announce the second event of 2011, SQL Server Locking: Take back control of SQL Server brought to you by Marc Mertens.
Since the beginning of RDBMS systems locking control has been taken away from the programmer. SQL Server has however many ways to let you control the locks placed and their duration.
This session discuss how SQL Server does locking and how you can control locking.

About Marc Mertens
Marc Mertens is a SQL Server and .NET trainer/consultant voor Global Knowledge. He has been working with SQL server from version 4.x up to the current version. His Microsoft Certifications are MSCA, MSCE, MCDBA, MCAD,MCSD and MCT. He has been a trainer for every aspect of SQL server, from building .net applications using ADO.NET and LINQ to BI solutions.


18:00: Registration

18:30: Session Start

21:00: Session End

Global Knowledge Belgium
Industriepark Mechelen Noord II
Zandvoortstraat 1
2800 Mechelen
Tel.: 015/27.65.35
Fax: 015/20.49.50

This Event is brought to you by Globalknowledge

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